Universal truckdumper hydraulic U-ARG-2180, U-ARG-2280


Universal hydraulic truck unloader U-ARG-2180 (U-ARG-2280), U-ARG-22100 (hereinafter unloader), is intended for unloading grain through the open tailgate from the vehicle and trailer without uncoupling simultaneously on one platform, from single cars and truck tractors with semi-trailers with an installation length of them (according to the outer size of the wheels) up to 19 (20) m and a total weight of up to 100 tons.
Main consumers unloaders
are enterprises
for storage and
processing of grain products.


Name of parametersData
Technical productivity, t/h400400
Car loading capacity, t, not more
– on the first pair of stops8080
– on the second pair of stops6060
Unloading time, minfrom 5from 5
Platform length mm2100022000
The angle of the platform, deg.0 . . . 38 -10 . . . 38 -1
Drive unithydraulichydraulic
Rated motor power, kW3030
Weight, kg, no more2100021500