Universal hydraulic truckdumper type U-ARG-B


A universal hydraulic truck unloader type U-ARG-B (hereinafter unloader), is intended for unloading grain through the open side board of single cars, truck tractors with semi-trailers and cars with trailers without uncoupling with their installation length (on the outer wheel size) up to 22 m and total weight up to 80 tons.

The main customers of
unloaders are enterprises
for storage and processing of grain products.



Name of parametersData
Technical productivity, t/h400
Carrying capacity, t, no more80
Installation length of a platform, metersfrom 9 to 22 m
Platform tilt angle, degrees, no more38 -1
The angle of arrival of cars, hail8
Rated motor power, kW22
Weight, kg, no moreup to 13 300
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