The conveyor is tape inclined mobile KLNP


The belt conveyor (hereinafter referred to as the conveyor) is intended for transportation in the horizontal and inclined (up to 25 °) direction of bulk and bulk materials with bulk density up to 3.15 t/m3, as well as piece cargo.

Conveyors applied on grain storage and processing enterprises products on various food enterprises in warehouses and other industries.



Name of indicators, unit of measureКЛНП-100 КЛНП-300
Type of cargoall crops
Productivity, t/hfrom 100up to 300
Speed of transportation, m/s2.52,9
Tape width, mmfrom 650up to 800
Conveyor length, mmfrom 10000up to 20 000
Conveyor belt drive
- type - electric
- power, kWt
from 0.5up to 15
Hopper capacity (for receiving a car), tfrom 10up to 15