Powder coating line

To improve and modernize the production of TOV “ELEVATORPROMSERVICE” launched a powder coating line.

Now our plant can paint all its equipment at our own facilities, which provide the ability to apply modern polymer painting materials (thermosetting, thermoplastic)

The following equipment was purchased

The quality and safety of products – in the priority of the company

Sandblasting machinebison апа-200pro with a set of accessories
Habitable camera spraying powder painting window 9/2
Polymerization ovencomputer controlled pr-kt 108/9.2
Electrostatic sprayGema Optiflex Pro S
Transport systempowder coating line TS-1/2
Screw compressorcomputer controlled Kaser CSD 105
In the arrangement of a new workshop
the company has invested
more than UAH 7 million
painting before

Before painting

painting after

After painting

The enterprise will paint the entire line of equipment manufactured by Elevatorpromservice: bucket elevators, belt and chain conveyors, gravity equipment (pipes, valves, valves), as well as any other products from 1 cm to 9 meters long, 3 meters wide and up to 3 meters.

Advantages of powder coating of metal

The most progressive and well-known method of coating products

Today, powder coating of metal is the most progressive and well-known method of coating products manufactured in the field of mechanical engineering, and provides:

  • sufficient hardness of the coating;
  • high abrasive and chemical resistance to external factors.

powder painting

The essence of the powder coating method

Technological features of the paint application process

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