Laser cutting of metal

The company Elevatorpromservice LLC offers its services of laser cutting of metal at affordable prices.
The order will be executed promptly and strictly in accordance with the statement of work.

Laser cutting of metal is one of the most popular methods for the automated processing of various materials. Its main advantages are the complete absence of mechanical impact on the steel surface, maximum accuracy and high cutting speed. This technology minimizes the possible deformation of the part at the cutting site.

Our production capabilities

The modern installation of HLE 2040-3kW with a power of 3kW allows for
cutting of metal sheets of the following thickness.

structural steel


up to 20 mm

stainless steel


up to 12 mm



up to 12 mm



up to 6 mm

Laser machine HLE 2040-3kW
In the working area of our mechanism, you can place a sheet of metal with overall dimensions of 2000×4000 and weighing up to 750 kg.

A computer-controlled laser system will perform fast and accurate machining of workpieces of any shape, both flat and bulk parts.

Numerical control will ensure positioning accuracy of ± 0.03 mm and repeatability of ± 0.02 mm.



± 0,03 mm


The advantages of laser cutting of metal

This method is the most advanced and promising
in the field of metal processing.

Laser cutting of parts from structural steels is performed in purified oxygen.

Cutting stainless steels, non-ferrous metals and alloys – in a nitrogen environment, which allows to ensure the ideal quality of the cut and the absence of scale, sag and deformation.

Thanks to the small
beam size, extremely precise cutting
is obtained.

Laser processing
Laser processing
Laser processing in the LLC Elevatorpromservice company allows:
  • reduce the cost of finished products, since additional work on stamping, chopping, milling and drilling will not be needed;
  • reduce metal waste due to optimal computer cutting;
  • carry out operations with brittle alloys, as well as parts that are easily damaged and deformed;
  • eliminate marriage and minimize the possibility of error;
  • make products in any quantities.
Laser processing
Laser processing
Our company will fulfill both serial and small orders
as soon as possible.
foto laser processing
foto laser processing
foto laser processing

What determines the price of laser cutting

The cost of the service is determined individually after reading the technical
documentation and will vary depending on such parameters

type and characteristics of material for cutting

number of parts, number of procedures
and machining cycles

and complexity of work

When ordering a service, we do not need
engineering support. Due to this
your costs will decrease.

Why you should contact Elevatorpromservice LLC

Our company has its own new high-tech equipment.


In addition, we offer:

  • high level of service (orders are processed promptly and immediately arrive at the workshop);
  • the ability to produce single test copies to assess quality and compliance with standards;
  • quick determination of the cost of work;
  • organization of delivery of finished products to the desired region;
  • significant discounts on large orders, as well as regular customers;
  • the ability to perform technical documentation on customer sketches and samples of finished parts.
Contact us, and our specialists will advise in detail on all questions of interest.
foto laser processing

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